A & L Potato Company

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A&L Potato Company History
 Established in 1941, brothers, Albert and Lawrence Boushey began A&L Potato Company, Inc. They envisioned delivering the finest quality potatoes to familes throughout the United States. 

Albert and Lawrence were involved in every aspect of the potato process. They farmed their own potatoes; washed, packaged, and distributed them to retail stores. 

Though they were successful, in 1956 the partnership came to an end. Albert continued with A&L Potato Company, Inc. with two of his sons; Thomas and Gerald. Lawrence pursued other business opportunites with his children.

Our company continued to flourish and operate with the second generation of Boushey's. By 1974 Thomas and Gerald had taken over full ownership of A&L Potato Company, Inc.

In 1979, the company was divided yet once again. Gerald chose to take over the farm and Thomas in return took over the plant. Soon after, in 1982, farming stopped. A&L Potato Company, Inc. no longer grew thier own potatoes; rather they bought from local farmers in the red river valley. 

A devastating fire in 1982 at A&L Potato Company, Inc. left the company in ruins. Thomas, with the help of his three sons, had to put the company together again. With hard work A&L Potato was rebuilt and back in operation. Just one year after the fire, founder, Albert Boushey passed away during this time. 

The third generation took over A&L in 1993; Randy, Charles, and Joseph. They remained equal owners until 1997 when Joseph left the family business to pursue the transportation industry. Randy and Charles then became equal partners. 

In 2011 our company continues to operate under Randy and Charles Boushey with the fourth generation slowly emerging into the business as well. We strive to maintain strong family values and serve our customers with the finest quality potates. 
Albert and Lawrence Boushey; Founders of A&L Potato Company, Inc. 1941
First A&L Potato Company warehouse
Fire in 1982
The aftermath of the fire in 1982
Second A&L Potato Warehouse built in 1982
Thomas Boushey's three sons; on the left Joseph, middle Randy, and far right Charles
Randy and Charles Boushey, equal owners of A&L Potato. 
This is the current A & L Potato washplant. It  was built in 2001